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Car Air Con Repair

If you think there’s a problem with your vehicle’s air conditioning, you can rely on our 35+ years of experience to help you diagnose and fix it.

The best way to prevent car AC repairs being needed at all is to get your system serviced every two years. However, the air con unit is typically overlooked in regular auto maintenance services, which can lead to issues requiring repair.

We offer a same day air con servicing to take care of any issues before they arise, catch minor problems early, and provide on-the-spot quotes for any repairs or parts replacements necessary to maintain the health of your car’s AC unit.

We recommend to book your standard service before the summer heat kicks in. Warm weather puts additional stress on the air con unit, which may make underlying problems more serious in the long term.

We are a mobile service and come to you for your convenience!
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How It Works:

  1. Book a standard service – we can come to you on the same day if you call us before 12pm.
  2. We perform the service, which includes:
    • system flush and vacuum
    • replacement of receiver dryer
    • inspection of the drive belts, valves, hoses, seals and other parts
    • temperature check for the condenser and suction line
    • refrigerant gas replacement and pressure check
    • electronic testing for leaks
    • oil and dye injection
  3. If any problems are found outside the scope of the standard service, we’ll diagnose them and give you a quote for repairs.

Service call fees apply.

Types of Repairs

Fortunately, the most common vehicle AC repairs are simple and can be done on the same day at a reasonable price. Many fixes are included as part of the standard service, with additional cost if replacement parts are required. Typical repairs include:

  • Leaky compressor – we repair the leaks, or provide a replacement compressor.
  • Blocked vents – we sanitize harmful bacteria and mold that can accumulate over time and cause bad odors.
  • Replacement parts – we stock long warranty filters, condensers, TX valves, hoses, seals and other parts manufactured by trusted brands.

Car Air Conditioning Compressor

Car Air Con Re-gas

If your AC unit isn’t functioning well, the fix is often a simple refill of the refrigerant gas. Air con systems are designed to be somewhat porous, so it’s normal for some gas to escape over time. However this can cause the system to dry out if the gas isn’t recharged, as the refrigerant also acts as a lubricant to keep the unit working smoothly.

It’s best practice to have your gas pressure checked every one to two years, and recharged with new gas to prevent cracks forming in the compressor hoses and valves.

Our vehicle air conditioning re-gas service includes evacuation and replacement of the refrigerant gas and lubricating oil to your car manufacturer’s recommended levels.

Ozone Friendly Refrigerant Gas

In accordance with federal safety regulations, we regas using R134A refrigerant gas. R134A is ozone-friendly, non-flammable, non-explosive and non-toxic. As well as being the safer choice for both the car’s occupants and the environment, it also causes less wear and tear to your car’s air conditioning unit.

Unfortunately, older cars are often fitted with outdated R12 air con gas units. These units have been discontinued because R12 gas is hazardous to health and the environment. R12 systems are also more prone to break and they require more fuel to run.

If you’d like to upgrade your system to be friendlier to both the environment and your wallet, ask us about retrofitting your AC unit to be compliant with R134A gas.

Ozone Friendly R134A Gas for Car Air Conditioning

Car Air Conditioning Repair and Regas Near You

We service the wider northern Sydney area, including:

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We are a mobile service and come to you for your convenience!
Call us now on 0412 211 584 or send us a message

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